How it works

Mobility as a backpack.

Dacoblue gives you the freedom to use your hands while transporting your water or fuel. Dacoblue can be carried as a single backpack or as a shoulder bag - either way, your hands are free.

While sailing remote corners, there is a lot of time spent on the logistics of water and fuel. Sources are often far inland, resulting in long distance transportation, and sometimes in tropical climates. It quickly becomes a tiresome chore. We liked the idea of being able to carry water or fuel on our backs, instead of moving around Jerry Cans in tired arms. We loved the idea of being able to enjoy a cold soda while transporting our fuel.


Foldable yet stable and free standing

The shape of Dacoblue has excellent stability while standing, even when it's not full. A Dacoblue bag can be folded when empty, which requires minimal space compared to the average Jerry Can.

There are always reasons to carry extra fuel or water on an ocean voyage, as well as a mountain expedition, motorbike voyage or a snowmobile trip into the wilderness. However, carrying bulky empty water or fuel canisters is a hassle. With Dacoblue, we improved the traditional concepts, but never gave away the old functionality. After experimenting with different materials, shapes, and volumes, we had a foldable and robust alternative to conventional canisters.

The Dacoblue is equipped with 16 rigid 14mm stainless eyelets distributed around its edge, which give you a variety of ways to secure the tank during transportation. The bag is delivered with three ergonomic handles that can be easily removed or replaced after individual choices by the user.


Rigidity and durability

After negative experiences with different types of fuel canisters degrading and cracking under UV Light, leaking welds, or leaking tapping solutions, I knew that one of the most important factors for this new product would have to be durability after extended sun exposure, even after rough handling. I also wanted it to be easy to repair if, against all odds, it did leak.

We worked hard to find strong materials, and under the product developing phase, we tortured our prototypes. We believe that we have reached a much higher level of rigidity and strength compared to many traditional canisters.

Use it as a tank for your consumables

Walk down to your boat with the Dacoblue tank on your back, drop it in the bottom of your boat, connect the engine and head off. The soft design of Dacoblue won't damage your boat’s gel coat. Since it is collapsible, there’s no need for an air vent and the collapsible design also visually indicates your fuel level.

Ergonomic ways to empty

Dacoblue is designed for user-friendliness and simplicity. The shape of Dacoblue and the ability to rearrange the lifting handles with the help of the multiple eyelets make it easy to balance the bag and give it a controlled flow. With the special caps included with the kit, you have the option to connect a hose of any length you wish, enabling you to empty it remotely. If filling involves an uncomfortable position, all you need to do is hang it on your shoulder and drain it through the hose straight down into the consumer tank without a spill or thrill.