On my around the world voyage was i many times disapointed on the traditional jerrycans quality and bulkiness,

It is a smaller problem when you sailed populated shores or islands since infrastructure often allowed bunking of fuels and water at the dock, or if not there wasnt long way to a tap or a gas station inshore, even then you end up with empty canisters that is hard to stow away.

But as soon as you reached more remote corners such as Pacific or Indian ocean the chore became much more visual for me as a sailor, where it sometimes meant going in our inflatable from our anchored sailingvessel to shore filled upp with empty jerrycans, from shore finding transportation in best cases to the source that could sometimes be kilometers inland, in worse cases it meant carrying them full the same distance by foot.

A Good thing with a sailing boat is that there is plenty of time while making longer ocean passages to think and solve problems.

That was how this product begun.
As a simple drawings on a notebook somewhere in the Indian ocean.

my first drawings was faar away from the final product we now have, it still incorporate the same core ideas and improvements i had in mind change.

Very resistant to UV lights, very robust, no leaking no matter direction you store it, and a much higher ergonomic under transporation and tapping together with the function it could be folded, and stowed away while not in use to clear up space.

first drawing material selection

When i returned to sweden 2016 i teamed up with a old friend and we decided make a try realize this idea to a fully functional product. 

With help from Prodelox product and design bureau the work begun to find the best materials for the job and find the optimal shapes for both durability, function and production.

It was a fun process with alot of design problems to solve and with many prototypes beeing made before we found what we was looking for.

Testing and torture prototypes in different material thickness and with different type of welding and additional equipment was neccessary to make sure we got exactly what we wanted without compromises.

belove you can see some of



our first prototypes.