About us


The result was Dacoblue

In 2011, Conny Dahlin and his sailing vessel Miramis started a long world circumnavigation. The time atseaoffered plenty ofmomentswhere he could sit down and figure out solutions for daily issues, as well as for significant world problems.

At the end of thecircumnavigationin 2016, Conny and his old friend teamed up, and together theystartedDacoblue- a Swedish brand under the company name Friskyblue AB. The brand and its products are the results of some of those moments, where Conny encounteredless thanoptimal existing solutions.

Products by Dacoblue are under constant review by the company, Ambassadors, and from you as the customer. We would be happy to receive input and improvement suggestions from anyone that wishes to speak. We hope that the product will serve you with a smile for many years to come!