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Both Yachtingworld magazine, PBO and UK yachting Monthly have mentioned us in their new gear section.

Something we feel very proud about.

To participate on the Stockholm boat Fair "Allt for sjon" was one of the best decisions we done, since all you visitors passing by came with alot feedback, and we realized there is so many more new fields for our product.

Both doomsday preppers, kayakers, campers, motor home users and motorbikers as a few  passed by.

we learnt alot.

We feeling very happy with it and more confident this product going to satisfy a large number of people.

We have decided to lower the prices and building more on volumes.

Time will tell if that was a smart decision for us, but it's definitely a positive outcome for you as customer.

Thanks to you all.

Conny dahlin

Dacoblue pack yachting world

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