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Jim recently recived our bags as a Ambassador for our brand.

Jim kellam is a man i met in the Indian ocean.

First time was on the small island Rodriguez, a part controlled of Mauritius.

Jim have sailed a couple of times around our world with his boat Haulback, He have extremely much experiance and is a very humble good fun man, I'm very happy and proud he was agreeing on beeing one of our product Ambassadors.

And Im very glad see he already started finding functions and testing them out,

AND Ofcourse already modifying them as in any Bluewater sailors spirit.. :)

"These are perfect for my needs, as I don't need to pack water to the boat all the time, only in places where the outside water looks too dirty or polluted to use the watermaker.
Carrying rigid jerry cans for occasional use takes up a lot of space so having a couple of these Dacobags works really well for me. When not in use they roll up and fit easily on a shelf in the forepeak - try that with a jerry can!
They are well made and look to be quite durable."

Hanging around

Stowed away

These are Great......I made my first water-run this morning and am pretty impressed with this product - well made and versatile. You and your bags have changed my life...
As you can see, I drilled out the lid with the small hose- barb on it and put in a larger fitting and a valve to make gravity feeding into the tank quicker and a bit more convenient.
All went well and I very much appreciate your generosity in sending them to me.
Many Thanks."

Added Functions

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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